Reference Works

The following websites demonstrate some of our capabilities and our technology experience.

This website introduces SCRG, an association of Sears Canada retirees, to recently retired employees. It is a fully bilingual site containing a number of interactive features including a members-only area, online registration with credit cards or PayPal and a full set of administrative functions. It was developed in ColdFusion using Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Varilume is a lighting control system manufacturer and supplier, located in the Toronto area. It focuses on the global marketplace for energy conservation, through the advance development of microprocessor-controlled lighting systems. This informational website introduces Varilume's products to its prospective customers.

Virtual Trainer Fitness is a simple informational site that contains some database interactivity. This type of site is ideal for small businesses that have material to post that lends itself to a database style of presentation.

SPI Systems Limited
SPI Systems Limited manufactures and sells high quality lighting control systems for use in office buildings, retail stores, warehouses and other industrial lighting applications. This informational website displays the SPI products and provides support resources for SPI customers.

Doug Stephens
This website presents Doug Stephens, a candidate in the 2006 Toronto Municipal Election. It contains information about him as a candidate and about the election process. It was developed and implemented in three days in response to a need which was recognized in his campaign. It is a simple informational site without any interactivity.

Whitevale Golf Club
This website provides a broad variety of relevant information to golf club members, including tee times, current handicaps, news and tournament results. Non-members can only view general information web pages, as much of the site's content requires a member logon. It is a ColdFusion application that shares data with the Buz GolfRez system and Jonas, and includes imbedded content from Twitter and Blogspot, a 3rd party blogging package.

Lair of the Golden Bair (UC Berkeley)
Lair of the Golden Bear is a summer vacation experience operated by the California Alumni Association. It provides both family and adult focused vacation opportunities at its three campsites located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This website provides the booking and administrative functions which support that operation. It was written in ColdFusion and utilizes Ajax technology. It contains over one hundred individual templates and interacts with a number of external web services.

Buz Customer Relationship Manager
The Buz Customer Relationship Manager is a Coldfusion application that was designed and programmed by McLean Systems. This robust, web-based application provides CRM functions to mid-sized organizations. It is intended to be hosted at ISP locations, relieving user organizations from maintaining their own in-house technology. The CRM consists of over 200 ColdFusion templates, and was built using Dreamweaver. The underlying database is SQL Server 2008.

Sears Canada Inc.
The Sears Canada website,, was originally developed by our President, John Pullam, while employed as National Manager, Electronic Commerce at Sears Canada. As founder and eCommerce futurist, John's contributions included the development of many interactive functions written in Lotus Domino, LotusScript and JavaScript, the design of applications that interface with a variety of web technologies including netCommerce, Websphere and C++/Oracle, and the development of hundreds of web pages.

Other sites
We've developed many websites. Some can't be shown because they are internal, some for confidentiality reasons, and others are in development. IE6T7 and John's Photo Gallery are two hobby sites that are listed here, primarily to demonstrate further options and to help them achieve better search results.